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The European Integrated Center for the Development of New Metallic Alloys and Compounds - C-MAC - has been recently created as a long lasting structure, and as the successor organization of the European Network of Excellence Complex Metallic Alloys, NoE CMA.

Twenty one universities or national research institutes - covering 25 high level laboratories - and one SME, located in Thirteen different European countries, are currently members of C-MAC.

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21 May

Joint Intelhyb-CMAC meeting – Dresden, 30 th September 2015

Announcement for the Joint Intelhyb-CMAC meeting – Dresden, 30 th September 2015 Following the previous workshops on mechanical properties of CMA and related composites, a joint workshop will be organized with the Intelhyb ERC project (http://www.intelhyb-project.eu/ ) on September 30th 2015 in Dresden. The purpose of this workshop is to identify in a one day meeting the possible collaborative works. Short communications focussed on hybri... [...]

06 Mar

Euroschool 2015

Euroschool 2015 will be held in Bratislaval in June 2015. See website for details... [...]

19 Dec

1st Intl. Symp. on Physics of Surfaces and Interfaces, from Fundamentals to Sustainable Applications

Surfaces and interfaces are key to many technological issues such as friction, adhesion, corrosion, catalysis, optics, etc. that in turn determine environmental developments and sustainability in our future. Major investments by our industries go to such issues. Therefore, surface and interface science has become in recent decades an increasingly important research topic as well as an interdisciplinary field between physics, crystallography, chem... [...]

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