The Organisation

The European Integrated Center is organized with two legal structures: the European Integrated Center consortium which is the decision making body and the European Integrated Center Network and Service Unit (NSU) under the Belgian non-profit organization status.

The European Integrated Center consortium has a management structure consisting of a governing board, which takes all strategic and important decisions, a science board, which give advices in particular on all scientific issues and an executive board for the day to day operation.


The current composition of the executive board is:

Chief Executive Officer: Julian Ledieu

Deputy CEO: Marc Armbrüster and Jean-Pierre Celis

Secretary General: Ronan McGrath.


The European Integrated Center NSU has a board of directors, all important decision being taken by the general assembly. The European Integrated Center NSU can provide, depending on the available budget, services such as administrative task, management of finances, networking, project preparation, innovation marketing…

The composition of the European Integrated Center NSU Board of director is:

Chairperson: Marc Armbrüster

Treasurer: Jean-Pierre Celis

Secretary General: Ronan McGrath.


Within the European Integrated Center, the Research and Activity Domains (RAD) are the tools for a collaborative work at the European level bringing the know-how and the resources of partners to the synergy. Six RAD are concerned with research and three RAD deal with education, dissemination and gender mainstreaming.The research projects within the RAD are either knowledge-driven (basic science) or application-driven. All RAD develop an upfront basic research which is of prime importance even in view of the application oriented research projects. It is only if such a knowledge ‘reservoir’ is available that new route to innovation can eventually be conducted.