EuroSchool 2008

In the 3rd year of CMA NoE, activities of the VIU ES were directed towards the organization of the 3rd European School in Materials Science. The date and place of the ES 3rd were May 25 - 31, 2008, at MONS Hotel and Congress Center in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The title of the ES 3rd was "Complex Metallic Alloys: Surfaces and Coatings". The program consisted of Basic tutorials, where seven lecturers presented altogether 24 lecturing hours (of 50 min duration each) and Advanced tutorials, where six lecturers presented 12 lecturing hours. The speakers were invited on the basis of excellence and good response was obtained.

The 3rd Euroschool has offered to participants two new activities: a Poster session and the possibility to receive 3 ECTS credits, granted by the University of Ljubljana

All organizational tasks were performed through the ES web page The number of participants at the ES 3rd was 181, coming from 22 countries and three continents. The List of participants, Final program and Statistical tables (participants according to their countries) are given at, section "3rd Euroschool 2008".